Question: What Is The Third Step In The Load Planning Cycle

What classes of supply does the BSB distribution company handle?

The BSB plans, coordinates, synchronizes, and executes replenishment operations in support of brigade operations. It distributes supply classes I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII and IX; provides food service; and Roles 1 and 2 AHS support, as well as field maintenance and recovery.

What is an Army Special Troops Battalion?

A special troops battalion (STB) is an organic unit of a modular brigade, division (or equivalent), corps or higher echelon United States Army organization.

What assistance can the Combat Sustainment Support Battalion?

A CSSB can be attached to a sustainment brigade to support the brigade combat teams and support brigades assigned to a corps with maintenance, transportation, supply, field services, and distribution functions. The CSSB is task-organized with the subordinate units necessary to carry out its mission.

What are three levels of sustainment?

Sustainment Overview A B What are the three sustainment levels of war? 1. Strategic 2. Operational 3. Tactical What does the strategic level of sustainment do? Links the U.S. economic base in CONUS to military operations in theater.

What are some capabilities of the sustainment brigade?

A sustainment brigade has a joint capability that allows the Army to better manage the flow of logistics into the area of operations (AO) and provides support to other services for common logistics like fuel, common ammo, medical supplies, repair parts of wheeled vehicles, and so forth.

What is an FSC army?

The integration of forward support companies (FSCs) into maneuver battalions has resulted in a much greater combat role for logisticians. The mission of these FSCs is to provide full-spectrum logistics support to their assigned maneuver battalions in order to sustain unified land combat operations.

What is the second step in the load planning cycle?

A load plan life cycle comprises the following phases: Phase 1: Define load plan. Phase 2: Generate load plan. Phase 3: Execute load plan. Phase 4: Monitor load plan.

What does a platoon commander do?

The platoon leader is responsible for accomplishing the platoon’s mission. He is responsible for positioning and employing all assigned and attached crew-served weapons. He must also know how to employ supporting weapons. He plans missions with the help of the platoon sergeant, squad leaders, and other key personnel.

Who is in charge of the maintenance platoon leader?

6-40. The maintenance platoon sergeant is the platoon’s second in command and is accountable to the platoon leader for the leadership, discipline, training, and welfare of the platoon’s soldiers. He coordinates the platoon’s maintenance and logistical requirements and handles the personal needs of individual soldiers.

What is the battalion S 4 responsible for?

In layman’s terms, the Battalion S4 is typically responsible for the supply, transportation, logistics, maintenance and budget issues within a battalion. In short, they are the Battalion Logistics Officer. To keep things simple, the Battalion S4 is part of the Battalion Commander’s staff.

How many ESC are in the army?

There are nine ESCs in the Army; three are active component and six are reserve.

What are the three variations of retrograde operations?

There are three types of retrograde operations: Delay, where the unit gives up space to gain time. Withdrawal, where all or part of a deployed force voluntarily disengages from the enemy to free itself for a new mission. Retirement, where a force not in contact with the enemy conducts movement to the rear.

What are the protection principles ADP 3 37?

ADP 3-37 provides guidance on protection and the protection warfighting function. It establishes the protection principles for commanders and staffs who are responsible for planning and executing protection in support of unified land operations.

What does the BEB do?

The BEB provides organic engineer, military intelligence, signal, planning, and execution capabilities to the BCT. The engineer staff is responsible for coordinating engineer assets and operations for the command.

What is g4 army?

G-4 Vision Statement Foster an environment of dignity and respect where everyone can reach their maximum potential and continue a legacy of excellence in support of resourcing Army readiness, establishing a surge capability and enabling the modernization of our Army.

What is a BSB US Army?

A brigade support battalion (BSB) is a combat service support battalion of the United States Army. A brigade support battalion is also a component unit of a combat aviation brigade, maneuver enhancement brigade, fires brigade and battlefield surveillance brigade, but without the medical company.

What are the four types of hauling methods?

There are four major types of freight transportation available for shippers to use in the world of freight shipping. The primary ones are by ground (road), rail, ocean, and air.

How many TSC are in the army?

The 377th TSC has more than 36,000 Soldiers and civilians in 34 states. The workforce is made up of approximately 80 percent Reserve citizen Soldiers, 10 percent represent the active component and about 10 percent are civilians.377th Theater Sustainment Command. Department Phone Numbers (All area codes 504) HQ and HQ Company 558-5538.

What are the logistics units above the tactical level?

What are the logistics units above the tactical level? The expeditionary sustainment command (ESC) can be a deployable command post for the theater sustainment command (TSC).

How many flat racks are assigned to a pls?

The PLSA1 truck is used to load and unload M1076A1 PLS trailers. The two principal flat racks are the M1077A1 series flat rack and the M3/M3A1 series flat rack, more commonly known as the Container Roll-In/Roll-Out Platform (CROP).

What are the three 3 things the sustainment warfighting function ensures the commander?

The sustainment warfighting function consists of three major elements: logistics, personnel services, and health service support.

How many main categories of cargo trucks exist in the army?

There are four basic types of motor transport companies: light-medium truck, medium truck, heavy truck, and composite truck. subordinate transportation motor transport units in the theater. Command relationship: Normally attached to a sustainment brigade. Support relationship: General support.

What is support brigade?

The Support Brigade is a Regular Force formation that provides both combat support and service support functions with an overarching operational headquarters for four (4) units; the Support and Services Battalion (Sp and Svcs Bn), 1 Engineer Regiment JDF (1 Engr Regt (JDF)), the Health Services Corps (HSC) and the.

What is the difference between a platoon sergeant and a platoon leader?

Although they work hand-in-hand as a team, the Platoon Sergeant typically runs the day-to-day activities of the platoon. They also handle the individual training, Soldier discipline and Soldier issues. On the other hand, the Platoon Leader is responsible for the collective training of the platoon.